Airport Bus Services

Siem Reap Airport Shuttle Bus is the bus services use for transportation passenger from Siem reap city go and back to Airport. It has 8 time operating daily.
 => From Siem Reap City - SAI

               5:30am             12:00pm
               7:00am             13:30pm
               8:00am             16:00pm
              10:00am            19:00pm
   => From SAI - Siem Reap City

                 9:30am             17:30pm
                11:00am            18:00pm
                12:30pm            20:00pm
                15:00pm            22:00pm

The journey from Siem Reap city to Siem Reap Angkor International Airport (SAI) covers a distance of 45 kilometers and involves two primary routes: National Road 6 and the recently constructed airport Expressway spanning 24.5 kilometers. While National Road 6 is prone to traffic congestion, particularly during rush hour and holidays, the subsequent leg on the expressway allows for a faster transit.  

Usually, the airport bus goes on time, when arrive time bus leaving, sometimes we’re delay 5 minutes for wait passenger have ticket. If more 5 minutes don’t see passenger, the bus leaving. And bus drive only one hour from Siem Reap city - Siem Reap Angkor International Airport (SAI) and from Sime Reap Angkor International Airport - Siem Reap city is only one hour the same. 

The bus station in Siem Reap city (CDF Shop Downtown) is the best bus stop. Because It’s in city center nearby other Hotel or Boutique, especially near Pub Street (On google map from Bus stop to Pub Street it’s 1.6 kilometers 5 minutes with Tuk Tuk, if you walk it’s 15 minutes).

For passenger from SAI to Siem Reap city don’t worried. When you arrived bus stop at CDF. We have team Tuk Tuk at there already. They charged you only USD 1 from bus stop to you Hotel.

=> There will be only bus stop below:
      Airport Bus Stop (CDF Duty Free Shop)